Photo Scan to Pdf

At Photo Scan Singapore we save scanned photos in different formats including PDF format. We understand the value you have for your print out photos, and we would like to help you with the best saving format available. We usually help our customers with pdf formats whenever they need it. Have you ever wondered what PDF is? PDF is an acronym for portable document format which means that documents saved in this format can be viewed independently from the scanning software.

Benefits of saving Scanned Photos in PDF

There are several benefits of photo scan to PDF that makes our customers prefer this format. In case you have been wondering what format style you should save your photos, here are a few benefits of PDF that can help you make a decision.

PDF formats are durable

PDF files are not affected by other computer processors in the computer. You can transfer the scanned photos from one computer to another without any problem. Other formats might have problems with being read on different computers and are highly vulnerable to virus attacks. You would not like to open your DVD or CD full of photos in front of your family members or friends only to find out that the files are not readable. It can be an embarrassing moment both to you and your audience. PDF formats will save you from such embarrassments because it is durable and compatible.

They are easy to View

PDF formats do not require extra software to open them. Once you store them on your computer or phone, you can easily open them and view. Also, it is easy for you to share them with your friends and loved ones. Therefore, PDF format is the best choice for you to store your photos.

The Final Size is Minimal

The PDF formats are advantageous because they can be compressed to smaller sizes. If you have a lot of photos, they will occupy the smallest size possible and can fit on one DVD or CD. The other formats tend to be more bulky and compressing them would lose the initial quality of the images. PDF format allows you to save as many photos as you have in one location.

You can Protect your Scanned Photos with a Password

PDF formats have the option of using password protection. If you have photos that you do not wish to share with friends of the family, you can use the PDF password feature to preserve your privacy. This will reduce the intrusion of unauthorized people from viewing your photos. If you want to enjoy the password-protection option, PDF format is the best way to save your images.

Can work on all Operating Systems

Whether you are using windows or Mac operating systems, PDF files will still open. There is no worry of what operating system you have because it is a flexible format. Also, the formats can be accessed through android, windows or iOS. Regardless of which phone your friends and loved ones have, they will be able to access the PDF photos.

PDFs cannot be Altered

Your images saved in PDF formats cannot be altered. The images will stay intact because the format does not allow any changes. Also, the visual layout of the photos will be maintained.

PDF technology is here to stay

As other formats change with time or become outdated, PDF technology will stand the test of time. This is an investment worth your time if your treasure your photos. Your future generation will be able to view this photos because the saved format will still be relevant. This is a fundamental aspect that you need to consider for long term saving of your photos.

Having known the benefits of photo scan to PDF, you can now make that courageous move of allowing us to save your images in this format. At Photo Scan Singapore, we are highly skilled in helping our customers save the scanned photos in PDF formats. The services are at affordable prices accompanied by quality services. In case you have saved the photos in other formats, we can help you convert them to PDF formats. Reach us today for more information on PDF formats as well as other formats.