3D Photo Scanning Technology

3D photo scanning is an advanced technology used to create images of objects in three dimensions. 3D scanning technology does not come into contact with the object like the other forms of scanning. It digitally captures the physical shape of the object and transmits the information to software that merges the images to form a 3D image. The 3D technologies that we use at Photo Scan Singapore are photogrammetry and light scanning.

Photogrammetry Photo Scanning

Photogrammetry involves the taking of 2D photos of an object at different angles. These images are merged using special software to form a three-dimensional figure. This technology requires a camera and software to join the taken 2D images to form a 3D image. Our team at Photo Scan Singapore are highly skilled in photogrammetry technology and will always give you the best.

The main trick for this technology is to take several photos of an object around it at different angles to provide a powerful visual result. The software used to stitch the 2D photos will detect the similar points of the object and correctly merge the images. The photographer needs to be highly skilled to choose the suitable focal length and magnification level to use.

The main disadvantage of photogrammetry is that it involves analysis of many photos to provide the accurate 3D image. The analysis might take a while because the merging of the photos should be accurate and sequential. Another disadvantage is that this technology needs powerful computers that can effectively run the photogrammetry algorithms. Such machines are usually costly. If the photographs are not accurately taken, the final 3D image might not be proportional. To reduce shaking and inconsistency, cameras are usually fixed at different angles focusing on one object and take several pictures. These pictures are then analyzed and stitched together to form the 3D photo.

The main advantage of photogrammetry scanning is that it gives a detailed image that is accurate and similar to the real object. The main reason as to why our customers love photogrammetry 3D scanning is because the final image looks exactly as the real object. Photogrammetry scanning does not alter the physical appearance of the actual object. However, a lot of cameras would be required to achieve the best 3D photo. Also, it is not easy to move equipment used for photogrammetry scanning because of the system is complex. It works best in a studio.

Laser Photo Scanning

Laser scanning uses the knowledge of the speed of light to calculate the distance between the object and the laser scanner. Laser technology uses two main technologies; laser scanning and structured light. Structured light scanners use light patterns while the laser scanners use laser rays. During laser scanning, the scanner transmits lasers at different angles, aiming at the object. Each laser feeds the scanning machines with accurate coordinates of the object to form a 3D mesh. Each laser ray sends to the object and back carry relevant information about the object. To have the accurate coordinates, the 3D laser scanners send millions of laser pulses. The process continues until the object is 360 degrees covered.

The main advantage of the laser 3D technology is that it works in any environment and can capture images of big objects. The systems can be set and moved from one location to another because they are portable and easy to set up. The final 3D object is more accurate than the photogrammetry 3D technology. This is because it uses the light technology of measuring distance with time. The taking of the coordinates is accurate. It does not require multiple cameras, only the laser machine, and the scanner. This technology is relatively expensive and is available at Photo Scan Singapore.

The disadvantage is that the analyses and the taking of the coordinates are slow. It takes time for the machine to complete taking all the coordinates and process the 3D image. It also requires skillful people to work on the 3D photo scanning process.

At Photo Scan Singapore, we offer the best 3d photo scanning services. Our team is highly skilled in these technologies, and our studies are well equipped with the necessary machines. Contact us today for the best 3D scanning service in Singapore. We will give you the best, and quality 3D scanned photos and images.