Photo scanning is now available in the digital era while most of our childhood photos are analog. Our parents and grandparents equally have a collection of old photos in albums. In most cases, the photos are available in single copies. Even though you would love to have some copies for yourself, your grandparents or parents will not allow you to take the photos from them because they treasure them. If you are stuck in this situation, Photo Scan Singapore has the best solution for you.

Benefits of Photo Scan

Reduces Storage Space

Regardless of how well you arrange your house, the huge album collections, negatives, and tapes seem to take too much space in your house. When you are about to host family functions, you always move the collections to a temporary room. This gives an extra responsibility and work of moving the huge photo collections before and after your family members have left. Since you have inherited most of these photos, you feel guilty of disposing them.

At Photo Scan Singapore, we can help you clear out the bulky photo albums and tapes that have been kept in boxes for many years. We will digitize them and store them in small locations like flash drives or storage cloud system. You will be able to utilize the space you used to store the old boxes for other purposes in the house. It is quite easy to organize digital images because they do not require physical storage spaces. Another advantage is that you can send the digitized copies to your friends and family members.

Digitized Photos are a Creative way of using them as Gifts

It comes with great pleasure when we receive customized old photos as gifts. The old images remind us of good old memories. The good thing is that the digital photos can be used to design cups, cards, or t shirts. Such gifts will be highly treasured by the recipients because they high connect with the image. Since you have all digital photos at your fingertips, you will not miss on gift creativity.

We can also make you beautiful slideshows that will fill your family and friends with good memories of their past. Especially when your parents or grandparents are celebrating their anniversaries, we can compile for you the best-scanned photos and make a good photo gift for them.

Scanning Photos is the Best way to keep them for many years.

Regardless of how safe you keep your old photo album, they are still vulnerable to scratches, fading and water attacks. We all know that once the photos come into contact with water, they can become discolored. Your photos are being faced with the threat of getting extinct. Do not wait until when the photos are discolored and torn to remember that you need to scan them. The best time to do it is now.

Remembers the dyes that were used to print those photos are not durable; they can fade. The main factors that lead to fading are moisture, high temperatures, and light. You need to preserve these photos for your future great grandchildren. Scanned photos are not vulnerable to tear and wear because they use digital storage spaces.

Old Photos are a Legacy

The reason as to why your parents or grandparents would not allow you to take the only photo copy is because it is a legacy. Everyone wants something to remind them of their early life because they come with good memories. Photo Scan Singapore provides you the best solution for preserving such legacies. We understand that your earlier life brings you with good memories that you would love to treasure for the rest of your life. For this reason, it is significant to scan those photos.

Once you scan the photos, you will be able to compare different fashions from the 60’s to 80’s. How you used to dress, how you looked in your wedding dress, and how you were after having the first child. All these memories need to be treasured, and you would love to share the story with the future generation, including your own children.

Scanning the Photos makes them Relevant

It is easier today to show our friends and family photos that we have stored on our phones. It is a bit tiresome to go to your storage room and start looking for the photo albums that you would like to share with your friends. The process of looking for the photos from album to another is tiring. Once you digitize your photos, you will find it easy to show your friends and family and to send them copies using your phone. You can freely post them on social media and tag your friends and family.

Instead of treating the analog photos as old school, you can make them relevant in today’s world by digitizing them. You can then store them in your photo library and have access to them at any time of the day.

It saves you Time

It’s easy to organize the digitized photos in different folders in your phone. Therefore it will save you time when looking for a specific photo. On the other hand, the stored photos in your storage room will take you more than a day to look for a specific photo. In most cases, you might give up before finding what you needed. Digital memories are easy to access and saves you time and physical storage spaces.

The time to scan your photos is today. Do not wait until when you start losing some of your photos and realize the importance of photo scanning. Save your old memories from being distorted. Scanning the photos will allow you to share the digital copies with more than one person in your family. Here at Photo Scan Singapore, we offer the best and quickest photo scanning services. We enhance your images to ensure that they have the natural color and we scan negatives too. Contact us today for the best photo scan services that will save your analog photos.