Digitize Photo Albums

Regardless of how careful you have organized your photo albums, they will always get dust and fade as time goes by. The photo albums that you have stored them at the back of your closet or in different boxes under your bed have collected a considerable amount of dust. When family members and friends pay a visit, you would not love to share the albums because the process of dusting them is a little bit boring. So we choose not to share the photos and keep the memories closed in the old boxes full of dust. It is time now you let the Photo Scan Singapore digitize your photo albums. You will be able to freely share the memories online with friends and family.

Digitize Photo Album Process

Our digitizing process at Photo Scan Singapore is simple, clear and quick. We have the relevant skills to improve the clarity of your old images that have faded due to light, dust and moisture exposure.

The following is a highlight of what we do at Photo Scan Singapore.

The Preparation Step

Cleaning the photos before beginning the digitizing process is a crucial step. Removing all dust particles and debris will help in giving good quality photo scans. Consequently, the photos are cleaned so that the dust particles do not damage the scanning machines. Our team handles this process carefully. We do not use cleaning liquids on the photos because they can damage your images. Liquid detergents destroy the emulsion of the photos hence will ruin your images. We use special wipes and gloves that have been designed for photo cleaning. The wiping is done gently to protect the print of your images from fading.

Scanning Step

We use the highest quality equipment to scan each photo that you send. Your memories are equally important to us, so we take the time to scan each photo and scan them correctly. Regardless of the total number of photos that you bring to us, we will scan each photo at a time to give quality results.

Editing the Scanned Photos

After scanning all your photos, our team will begin editing each photo. The editing includes color correct, red eye removal, cropping and rotating the images. Color correction is necessary because the majority of the old photos have faded and do not have the original color. Do not worry about it because our team are highly skilled and know how to use the best editing software.

Transferring the Digitized Photos into Storage

After ensuring all photos are scanned and have been edited, we transfer the digital files to a DVD, CD, or any other external storage. The burned DVDs and CDs are the ones that will reach our customers. This is how digital files are stored.


We package your original photos together with the digitized files and ship them to your home. You can then enjoy your digital files at home with friends and family. You can also send the copies of the digitized photos through social media or emails.

Benefits of Digitize Photo Albums

It preserves your memories for a life time. Digital files are not vulnerable to dust or wear and tear because of the form of storage. With the latest technologies, such photos can be stored in cloud storage where you can have access at any time. It is not easy to lose digital files stored in cloud storage.

It is convenient to use and easy to share. That one copy remaining of your family members that everyone wants to have can be shared through digitizing it. Each one of your family members are going to have a copy and can print them if they wish to.

The original color of the images will be preserved. Analog photos are vulnerable to dust and fading. They are not able to last for long, regardless how they are stored. You need to digitize photo albums today.

You will enjoy watching the photos in your photo by swiping the photos one after the other at the comfort of your bed.

Contact us today for photo digitizing services. You do not have to spend your entire weekends trying to scan photos. Allow us to do the scanning job for you as you enjoy your weekends and vacations.