How to scan a photo from printer and scanner to computer

The high chances are that you have a photo album stuck in a box somewhere in your house. You remember to share them with your friends and family members while having a meal together and make fun. However, the photos are limited to online sharing because they are still in print outs. Have you been wondering where to start? Here at Photo Scan Singapore, we can do the photo scanning for you in the following simple steps.

Step 1: Clean the Scanner and the Photos

The best quality scanned images are done in a dust-free environment. After setting up the scanning station, our team wipes off any dirt or dust on the scanner’s glass as well as the photos using a soft cloth. Since the photos have stayed long in the box, they must have collected dust particles. It is important to clean the scanner and photos because scanner machines are usually very sensitive to dust.

Step 2: Organizing the Photos

If the photos were time stamped, our team would organize for you according to dates. Sometimes we can organize them by event for the easy naming of the files. No matter what the category to be chosen, the main aim is to ensure that your photos are well organized and easily accessible.

Step 3: Setting up the Scanner and the Computer

At this stage, we ensure that all power sources are well plugged in the sockets. We check if there are any loose connection and fix before beginning the scanning process. Loosely connected cables can interfere with the scanning process, or even slow down the whole process. We make sure that the cables are appropriately connected to the right ports and are working.

Step 3: Select the right Program for Scanning

Our computers are already installed with the best programs for scanning photos. Such programs would be expensive to buy for personal scanning at home because you might not use the programs after you finish your photo scanning. To save on cost, we encourage people to visit us for such services.

Step 4: Test the Scanner

We place an image in the scanner to test the scanning program and to ensure that everything is all set. If the image is not clear enough, we adjust the scan setting. We also set a troubleshoot program to automatically solve any existing problems. After ensuring the scanning settings are all good, we proceed with the photo scanning.

Step 6: Scanning the Photos

The images are placed facing down on the scanner surface or the printer. The photo is then aligned according to the existing markings on the printer, and the lid is closed. The significance of the lid is to ensure only what is in the photo is captured by the scanner. Also, the lid helps in providing quality images by pressing it down towards the photos.

Step 7: Choosing the Scanning Settings

The printing or scanning settings include color and saving formats. Colors could be black and white, or any other color that will blend well with the existing colors in the image. The formats for saving your photos include JPEG, JPG and PDF formats. If you would wish to have all photos of a specific event sequential in one document, we use the PDF format. Each of the formats does not affect the quality of the final image.

Step 8: Previewing the Digital Image

Before we save the photo, our skilled personnel previews the image to ensure that everything is all set. Some photo editing is done at this stage to improve the clarity and sharpness of the image. Photo editing is also referred to as photo cleaning and save it in the most preferred format.

Step 9: Saving the Photos

The final step is to save your photos in a folder with easily found name tags. If the photos are many, we set a sequential saving format that will reduce time spent.

This process is repeated for all your photos until the last one, including any negatives that you would have. This is how we scan a photo from the printer or a scanner to the computer. The digitized photos are then burned to a DVD or CD. We also email you the digitized photos. Call us today for to receive your quotation.