3D Scanning using a camera

3D scanning has been made easy by the availability of cameras. The most utilized technology in this type of 3D scanning is the photogrammetry. Although cameras are available to our smartphones, you might need a specialist to help you with 3D scanning because it requires extra skills. Our team at Photo Scan Singapore are highly skilled and can 3D scan anything by using high-quality cameras. The following is a highlight of what we do at Photo Scan Singapore.

Our Customers select the Item for 3D Scanning

Our customers can choose a variety of objects from shoes, clothes, food, to existing building and structures. Also, you can choose a model representation for a product that you would wish us to 3D scan for you. We do not discriminate any product because our team is well equipped with the necessary skills and tools needed for the entire process.

Setting up for the Scan

The object is placed on a firm platform like a stool, or a table to makes it easy for taking many photos at different angles. Also, it makes it comfortable for the photographer to take the photos without squatting of crawling. Choosing a firm support is essential because the object should not move once the shooting begins. This is because the images need to be consistent for easy merging in the computer. We choose indoor shooting because it is easy to set up uniform lights around the object to kill shadows. Camera flashlight might not be of great use during the shooting because it causes shadows. This step is time-consuming because we need to take as many photos as possible. The advantage of taking many photos is that we will have a variety of photos to choose from. We use a tripod stand to avoid shaky shots.

Choosing the best Camera

Different cameras have different resolutions, and we choose the best. Our skilled expert will then set the best settings that will give the high-quality images that are crystal clear. Factors to consider while setting the camera are ISO, aperture priority, and shutter speed. ISO determines how much the camera is sensitive to light. Light is an important part of photography that cannot go unchecked. Aperture defines the mode for taking the images. Do not worry about this because we have highly trained professionals who will select the best mode. The shutter speed determines the sharpness of the image.

Take the Photos

This is the stage that takes quite some time because we need to take good and many shots around the object. It requires skills and specialty because the points of the subject need to be consistent and accurate. Also, the quality of the final 3D scanned image will depend on the clarity and sharpness of the photos that were taken. We take as many photos as possible at different angles and choose the best and discard others. In case the images are not enough, we begin the shots fresh from the beginning. Our team is flexible to make sure that it gives you the best 3D scanned images.

The main trick is to ensure that the edges of the subject are uniform while moving from one angle to another. The object images should not show much disparity because it will affect the accuracy of the final 3D image. The scanned image should appear similar to the real object. The coverage of the photo should be completely done despite some uncomfortable shooting positions. When having an indoor setting, the settings might not frequently change because the light is uniform and balanced. For outdoor shooting, the camera settings might change according to the background environment and light.

Transferring the Photos into the Software

We have more than one software for processing 3D scans. We use the best software that will give you the best image outcome. The best and accurate images are selected for the merging, and the software does the merging process. Powerful computers are essential in running such software because it uses a good amount of the memory space. The 2D images will finally turn into the 3D scanned image.

This is how we do 3D scanning using a camera at Photo Scan Singapore. Contact us today for any object that you would wish to have 3D scanned and our skilled team will do it for you.