Digitize Photo Negatives

Your photo negatives are equally important as your print out photos. In case you have lost majority of the print out photos, and you are remaining with photo negatives, there is still great hope for you. The photo negatives have incredibly detailed information about the original photos. At Photo Scan Singapore, we have the best machines that will accurately digitize photo negatives, and the output images will be great. You should not worry about whether you can view the actual image on the negatives or not. Before we can burn the images to a DVD or CD, we let you go through the scanned images and verify the ones you like.

Why Digitize Photo Negatives

There is more information stored in Negatives than in Photo Printouts

In case you have been ignoring your box of photo negatives thinking that they are not useful, it is time to rethink again. Those negatives have more information as compared to the print out photos. Therefore, you are more likely to get more clear and detailed digital photos than when digitizing photo print outs. We have the best machines that will analyze the negatives and scan the best images of your childhood memories.

You will get the Actual Image that was taken

The print out photos might have been edited before the production. The experts of those time knew their job and gave their best when cleaning out the photos. When you scan the negatives, you are able to see the actual images that were taken at the time. This means the negatives are closer to the real image than the print outs.

Photo Negatives Capture Light

This light is useful during the scanning process because it helps to distinguish between different features in the photo. This light provides a wide range of different colors that can be detected while scanning.

You get Sharper Images

Print images may not have very sharp images because they may have been altered in the photo lab before production. The overall quality of the image was being determined by how the prints were being produced. With the photo negatives, you will get sharper and clear images that you will enjoy watching.

Poor Printing out Techniques

Some of the photos that were printed during the 60s, 70s, or 80s might have using printing techniques. These photos may have a rough texture with a lot of bumps and waves. This distorted texture will affect the overall digital image outcome. The negatives are never altered or edited. Therefore, they have the best image capture.

No extra Effort needed to Clean Images

Photo negatives are clear hence the scanning process takes a shorter time to put different features of an image together. The original prints of the photos are usually stored in the photo negatives. If you have both print outs and negatives, you can choose to digitize the negatives because they will give you the best image quality. Our team at Photo Scan Singapore are highly skilled to digitize photo negatives.

Digitize Photo Negatives Service

Each photo negative is usually evaluated by our skilled employees before scanning. The process of preparing the negative for scanning is quite similar to preparing photo print outs. The first step involves cleaning out the negative strips with a lint-free piece of clothes. Then we cut the strips into individuals. It is easier to scan one frame at a time because it provides good images in the computer.

We use external light to enhance the vision of the negatives. Then we launch the scanning application to scan the images. Once the image appears on the computer, we then edit to make quality images. The final photos are saved in DVDs, CDs, or other external hard drives and shipped to you.

DIY photo negatives digitization is quite expensive for you because you will need to purchase different machines to help you with the scanning. These scanning machines can be expensive for you and after scanning the machines will have no use. It is cheaper for you to hire a professional to do the scanning for you at affordable prices. At Photo Scan Singapore, we have the best team who will give you quality services. Contact us today for more information in digitizing services.