How to scan and digitize your old family photo

The easiest way of scanning and digitizing your old family photo is to let the experts like Photo Scan Singapore do it for you. You will need help from friends and family to finish digitizing the box full of old family photos. It is a lot of work for you, and you may require spending more than three weekends digitizing all the photos. Instead of staying home and doing this boring job, let us digitize your old family photos. Also, it will be quite expensive for you to buy the scanning devices for the short term usage. Our team of experts will follow a systematic order to scan and digitize your photos.


Cleaning is an essential part of our scanning and digitizing process. The old family photo might have collected dust and debris in the stored box. Since the digitizing machines are highly sensitive to dust, we first clean the photos and the scanner. We do not use cleaning liquids that would erase the imprints of the photo because we care about you old memories. Cleaning helps to increase the clarity of the photos because dust accumulation makes them dull. You would not wish to nurse a cold after doing all the dusty work by yourself. That is why we offer such services ate Photo Scan Singapore.

Photo Organizing

We can organize your photos according to the dates or events. Your old family photos have captured different ceremonies and events in the past, and you would love to treasure all them. Especially the family photos that have all your family members in it. Our team helps you with the organization process because it can be tiresome and exhausting. We have several experts who will do this job within few minutes or hours depending on how many photos you have.

Setting up the Scanner

We use the best quality scanning machines to scan your photos. We would not love you to spend extra cost in buying machines. The scanning machines provide the best quality of the digital files that you can ever get from any other place. The quality is also better than using mobile apps. Although, if you wish to use your mobile phone, we can help you with the entire process to ensure that you get the best out of it.

Testing the Scanner

Our team will test the scanner to see if everything is good. We will make a few adjustments to the initial settings to make sure that your photos are scanned with the best quality. In the case of any problem, our team will sort it out because they are highly experienced in dealing with such machines. Scanning machines are flexible and allow us to set the most appropriate settings that will blend well with your photos. We use a random image to test the scanner and check if the outcome image is of good quality.

Scanning your Old Family Photo

After ensuring that the scanner is working well, we place your family photo upside down on the scanner surface. We then authorize the machine to begin the scanning process while the scanning lid is closed. Our professionals will adjust the family photo to make sure that it is scanned in the right dimensions. It will release steady photos that clear.

Use the appropriate Settings

Scanning settings involve choosing the best photo saving format like JPEG or PDF formats. We will help you choose the best format that fits your family photo best. All these photo formats do not affect the quality of the photo.


Our professionals will preview the image and correct the image color and clear out any dark spots in the photo. We will give you the best touch of your photo and make sure is good looking. Photo editing needs extra skills that our team has. Let us do the job for you as you relax in your house. We have shipping services that you can enjoy in the comfort of your house.

We will save the photos for you in an external storage and send them to your email as a digital backup. Having known how to scan and digitize your old family photo, you can now trust us with the job. Call us today for more information.